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Let’s speak about “releasing” the putter head. It’s mentioned loads amongst golf instructors, letting that head “go” the arms because it goes by way of the affect zone, however is that what you actually need to do? Putt like Jack Nicklaus, that’s what. Nicklaus, maybe the best golfer, and putter, of all time, checked out and practiced placing in a a lot completely different approach, one which ought to be emulated excess of it’s amongst newbie golfers. In that acquainted stance of his, hunched over together with his dominant eye DIRECTLY over the ball so he may see his line with none distortion, his ft barely open however shoulders sq. to the road, he was going for what he considered a “battering ram” or “piston” stroke with little or no or no opening the face within the backstroke or closing it after affect. No breaking of the wrists, definitely, however…

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