Best 5 Golf Push Carts

Golf is one of only a handful of sports that can be exciting and relaxing at the same time. Every day, thousands of golf players enjoy the activity while spending time with friends and family. To get the most out of golf, it’s important to own a golf push cart.

CaddyTek 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

Foldable Collapsible Lightweight Pushcart

You will be very happy if there is No more awkwardness on the course as you cart your clubs around the green. And smart features like the basket with built-in cooler, umbrella, scorecard holder and beverage holder fulfill the expectations that go along with a name like CaddyTek. This push cart has all features that will make your golfing life more easier.

  • One-click button mechanism folds the cart to compact size in 2 simple steps.
  • Miscellaneous basket with built-in cooler. Umbrella holder and storage rack included.

  • EVA maintenance-free wheels with ball bearings provide perfect traction on all types of terrain.

  • Scorecard holder integrated with storage compartment, beverage holder, Cell Phone/GPS holder and mesh ne.

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Caddytek EZ-Fold 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart


Here is another top golf push carts available for all golfer. It has almost all the useful feature that is needed for a golfer. Here is some reasons to be best.

  • It is lightweight and portable, and this ensures maximum convenience when moving around the green with all your gear and when transporting it to and from the course.
  • You can fold and unfold it almost effortlessly since it uses the patented One-click button that lets you fold it in two easy steps.
  • Apart from its many excellent features and ease of use, it is a beautiful device that comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from.
  • Compared to other trolleys of the same caliber and features it is relatively cheaper.
  • The solid aluminum construction makes it tough and hence able to withstand the severe conditions of a golf course for many years.

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CaddyTek Super Deluxe Quad Fold Golf Cart-black

with storage bag ​

Moving around the course with your gear is not always easy especially if you prefer to walk. However with a reliable cart like the CaddyTek Deluxe Quad-Fold you will never have any trouble with mobility on the green. It has a durable aluminum frame that gives it enough strength to carry your golf bag no matter how heavy it may be and it also has a front wheel alignment mechanism for stability and better control. The trolley also has an integrated storage compartment, a mesh net, and a beverage holder. Here are some facts that made this cart superbly usable. 

  • It has a stylish and advanced look that will help you stand out on the course and also improve your gaming experience.
  • Although it is a three wheel cart, it is very stable and hence making mobility easy and convenient for golfers who prefer to walk.
  • The Quad-Fold is incredibly easy to fold and unfold. In fact, it will only take you a couple of minutes to do either, and this will save you a lot of precious time.
  • When it is fully folded, it is small and compact, and this makes transport and storage very easy for golfers as it will not occupy a lot of space.
  • Quad-Fold has a super-strong aluminum frame, and so you can be sure that you will use it for many years.

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Best Golf Cart for Quick Storage that is available in the market. When you’re on the course, you don’t necessarily need a lot of bells and whistles, and this particular push cart is major evidence of this. Qwik-Fold designed this product for easy functionality, and as a result, it is a great course companion. It’s constructed of heavy-duty aluminum, so you can expect it to weather most course conditions that would damage some other carts. The aluminum in the center shaft is particularly thick, which is useful for providing an excellent level of durability and stability when you find yourself in the bunker. Here are some points why I loved this cart.

  • The console is simplified but has more than enough golfing conveniences for you to be satisfied.
  • The handle has a very ergonomic grip that feels very comfortable on the course.
  • This thing folds down very quickly and easily – you can expect to fold it down in a second.
  • The umbrella holder is detachable, which means that you can leave it at home when the weather is mild.

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Caddytek CaddyLite V3 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

Close Folding Push Cart

If you’re looking for a golf push cart that is affordable and well-made CaddyLite can be a best options. Caddytek is known for the innovation and reliability when it comes to golf carts. The Caddylite 11.5 V3 Deluxe push chart is a lightweight option that makes walking the golf course easier than ever. It’s made of aluminum to keep it strong while remaining light in a 27″ wide body design that’s incredibly easy to push over any terrain with ball bearing wheels. The ergonomic handle is adjustable with four positions so any golfer can push this golf cart. The Caddylite 11.5 folds and unfolds easy and you can even attach your golf bag while it’s folded. Accessories include an umbrella holder, mesh basket and beverage holder. The Miscellaneous bag also comes with the V3. Here are some features –

  • Convenient Features for On-the-Go. Like Umbrella holder, mesh net and beverage holder included.

  • Its just weighs under 13 lbs.
  • Easily fold and unfold the cart with patented folding mechanism.
  • Patented bag holder fits stand bags perfectly to keep your gear safe and secure on the course.

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What Is a Golf Push Carts

Price – Decide how much money you want to spend! There are a lot of golf push carts out there. You need to decide if you are wanting the perks of a high-end model, the cost-effectiveness of a mid-ranged model or the value of a low-end model. High-end golf push carts come with all the bells and whistles, but they can cost more than $200. Electric models can run up to $900. Middle of the road push carts can run between $75-$150. Inexpensive models are usually less than $50. Remember, you often get what you pay for – so figure out what’s most important to you and your golf game.

Storage – How much room do you have to store your golf push cart? Do you need it to fit inside a small vehicle or closet? Figure out if the push cart folds to a desirable size. Some carts offer one-click button folding, while others have more complicated procedures.

Ratings and Reviews – Do your research! What are other golfers saying about the product? When browsing shopping sites, be sure to check out the ratings for the push golf cart you are interested in. What problems are people having with the product? Has the company responded to online complaints? This could tell you a good deal about customer service at the company you plan to purchase from – were you to have any problems with the product after purchase.

Amenities – There are a lot of options out there for golf push carts these days. You have to decide what you need and what you can live without. Examples of amenities include golf ball storage, adjustable handles, mobile device holders, beverage holders, scorecard consoles, storage racks, sand bottles, steering knobs and attachable seats.

Color Selection – Some golf push carts come in standard black/charcoal, and others come in all colors of the rainbow. If you are looking for a cart that matches your personality and style, be sure to look at the color options.

Bag Straps – If you tend to store a lot of golf balls, tees, jackets and other items in your bag, chances are it’s pretty heavy. Be sure you get a push golf cart that has the strap strength to hold it in place. How much weight can the push golf cart hold? Also, be sure to see how many straps it has for your bag. If there is only one strap to hold the bag in place, it might not be enough. Some carts don’t have straps at all – using support arms to hold the bag in place.

Brakes – If you play on a hilly course, brakes are going to be very important on your push golf cart. Many carts offer hand brakes, but some of the more inexpensive models only have foot breaks. If you are buying online, see if other golfers had trouble locking and unlocking the brakes. If you are buying it in person, be sure to check out the braking system yourself.

Assembly – Some push golf cart models are simple to put together. Other models are a bit more complicated. If you aren’t very handy, you might steer clear of models that have more than a step or two for assembly.