Precision Pro Golf

If you are looking for a cheap rangefinder then Precision Pro Golf, Nexus Golf Rangefinder, Laser Golf Rangefinder can be the ones that you are looking for. For a golfer, a good rangefinder is one of the necessary things that he needs in a golf court. If you don’t have a good rangefinder than you will not be able to measure the distance properly. So to do better in a golf match or a golf tournament you must have to use a cheap rangefinder. This Precision Pro Golf, Nexus Golf Rangefinder, Laser Golf Rangefinder is here to solve your problems.

Precision Pro Golf


This cool range finder is a USGA tournament-legal rangefinder that measures distances within one yard. Includes a carrying case, a 3-volt battery, an instruction manual, a lanyard, and a cleaning cloth. It has been infused with Target Acquisition Technology (TAG) that scans objects in your field of view and focuses on your specific target for improved accuracy with 6X magnification. This NEXUS Golf Rangefinder uses our first target acquisition system that ensures you receive the accurate yardage to the flag or desired location, and not what’s behind the green or your target. This cool rangefinder has a 400-yard capacity, displays 1/10-yard measurements, and can be set for yards or meters. It is water-resistant and easy to use, even for those with shaky hands. It is USGA tournament legal.

Pros and Cons

This Nexus golf rangefinder uses laser technology which is accurate to 1 yard and shoots distances to the 1/10 of a yard. It can measure up to 400-yard distance. Also, Advanced Target Lock Function is used in this rangefinder which filters out background objects and ensures you shoot the flag, not what’s behind the flag. The NEXUS Pro Laser Rangefinder uses TAG and Pulse Vibration technology. The TAG technology can scan objects in the golf field of view while focusing on your desired target for improved accuracy with 6X magnification. This can make sure the distance you have measured is accurate. Once the target has been identified, the Pulse Vibration technology triggers a slight vibration which lets you know the distance is ready. So it can be said that the Precision Pro Golf NEXUS Golf Rangefinder is perfect for any golfer who is looking to improve their game.


A good rangefinder can facilitate to better in the golf court. While playing a tournament if you don’t have a good rangefinder then you will not be able to measure distance properly which will cause trouble in the tournament for you. But if you have the right rangefinder then these ‘extra ‘ problems will not occur. So you can remain tension free. So with having a fresh mind you can play well and probably can win the tournament. So finally we can see that the Precision Pro Golf Nexus Golf Rangefinder is really having the quality that a rangefinder has to be included.


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