LaserWorks LW1000PRO Professional-Class Laser Rangefinder


 You might know that rangefinders have become of the most important tool for golf and hunting. When you need to know your target, your shots, your speed you must need best rangefinders for sure. You can also these rangefinders for hunting too. Whether it is hunting or golf you will love this piece of product because ofrangefinder binoculars and its great features. Professional golfers are using this as a golf measurement system and also this is waterproof. Golf is a game where you can show your talent and for any course, you need all the golf gears for sure. 

Features of LaserWorks LW1000 Pro Rangefinders

Features of LaserWorks LW1000 Pro Rangefinders

High Measure Performance from This Rangefinders

One of the best rangefinders is containing 5-1000 yards performance. Even you will get the 1600 yards furthermore highly reflective target. You can easily check the golf range because this gear contains the powerful 6x magnification. Even this cheap rangefinder is containing lightning-fast measurement.

Superior Functional 

You will be able to measure the distance of your shot by using this rangefinder. You can easily check the speed of your shot too. you might be interested in fixing the flagpoles. By using this rangefinder you can easily lock the flagpoles.

High in Quality

Laser work golf rangefinder is containing a durable body. It is weather friendly and waterproof too. you can also use it in a dust environment because this cheap rangefinder is dust resistant. If you are out for golfing, measuring, surveying you can easily carry this golf distance finder with you because of its easy carrying facilities.

Easy to oPerate

This famous rangefinder is very easy to operate. Any beginner golfer can use it and control it easily. You will get only one key to measure and also only one key to switch mode. You will also get auto power off if you are inactive for 15 minutes. This is one of the best cheap rangefinders for sure.

Highly Compact

 Did you see a small candy bar? it’s the same size as this golf distance finder. Even you can easily carry in your pocket. It will never harm to human health and the average radiant power is 70.1uW.

You will also get 21mm object lens

Even the 6X magnificent power will amaze you with the 7.2 View angle.

The closet distance it will cover will be 5M and the highest or maximum range will be 1000M


Shopping weight is 10.4 Ounces only

3V battery (CR2)

Product Dimensions: 4.2 x 2.9 x 1.4 inches ; 7 ounces


You can easily carry using pockets

Comes with only two color

Final Words

This famous golf distance finder will help you to analysis your game. You can simply know how much effort you are giving in course. Your shot power, your shot locate, speed, etc can be measured using this cheap rangefinder. If you look at amazon you can see some great reviews on it. No doubt it contains the elegant look with soft Handle Feel. I will suggest you read some reviews once again so that you can know what features included here.


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