A golf rangefinder is really an important tool for a golfer. BOBLOV 650Yards Golf Rangefinder is a golf rangefinder about which we are going to talk about today. For a golfer rangefinder is a real necessary thing. Without this tool you cannot measure distance properly and it will be very difficult to play golf without knowing the distance. So BOBLOV 650 yards golf rangefinder can be the solution for a golfer who likes to play golf or who is preparing himself to play in a tournament. This best laser rangefinder can be the best option for him.



It has pinsensor technology which gives fast measurement with 1 yard accuracy, together with Pinsensor technology to accurately measure overlapping subjects, locking range up to 200 yards, perfect for measuring golf flags, you can easily switch units between meters and yards. It also has vibration function. So when the flag distance is locked, the machine will vibrate automatically, if you don’t need this function, you can turn it off as your need.It has three modes. Ranging mode, Flag locking mode and Speed mode. So it supports Support speed measurement, short press the power button after targeting the moving object,not only that, the speed data will be displayed on the screen.Magnification x objective is 6x 22mm; range measure accuracy is ±1yard,speed measure accuracy ±5km/perfect for carrying while golfing or hunting, or for measuring and surveying without extra weight or bulk. It has built in rechargeable battery which provides long battery life.

Pros and Cons

This rangefinder is cheap in price but values like a pro. It is filled up with modern technology. It uses the pinsensor technology. So it can provide accurate distance measurement. When the flag is locked then it will vibrate. So you will easily understand when the target is set. Also if you don’t want vibration then you can turn it off. So there will no problem in setting up the target distance. The three modes can measure the speed. Also the measured speed in shown in the display. So you can easily check out this. Slope Technology provides compensated distance based on whole’s incline/decline. It is legal for tournament play when slope switch is turned off. Vibration combined with Pin Acquisition Technology gives a quick pulse when locked on the target and ensures accurate distances to the target.Best rangefinder camera has been used in this. So after all it is the best laser rangefinder


Rangefinder binoculars are really useful while playing golf. A cheaper but the best rangefinder is everyone’s dream. BOBLOV 650Yards golf rangefinder is one of them. This rangefinder is really cool and full with modern technology. Which provides the golfer the best experience in the golf court. It is packed with some features those make it attractive and favourite of golfers. So after all it can be the best choice for the golfer.


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